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Karus ta’ Mħabba (A Moneybox representing a chain of LOVE)

Id-Dar tal-Providenza has special coin boxes for children in which they can save some money in aid of id-Dar tal-Providenza.

With each moneybox we give a leaflet explaining that the money collected will be used for the inclusion of persons with disability to have equal opportunities and live in an environment, where they can love and be loved, learn and share their experiences with others, grow together in faith, work and enjoy life like other human beings.

We also explain that this initiative is just a drop in the ocean of what we can do in favour of persons with disability. Infact we give other example how we can reach this goal? The following are the suggestion we give to children and teachers:

Suggestions for children

• Be it in school, in our work place or anywhere else I will play, befriend and help children with disabilities.
• I will not tease or make fun of any one of these persons as I would not want this same thing to happen to me.
• I will do my best for these persons to be given equal opportunities in all walks of life, such as education, work, the church, sports and other entertainment activities.
• I will make sure older persons do not park their cars in places specially reserved for persons with disability or in front of special ramps.

Suggestions for teachers

Teachers could choose to teach their students the way to help these persons. They can either make use of special books and have special lessons regarding this subject or make use of books in which persons with disability are referred to. The educational package by the name “Holoq” can be made use of (

School that want to participate in this chain of Love can call us on 21462844 or 21464915 or contact us by email on

A donation on Special Occassions

Many persons often organise an event to celebrate a special occassion (such as birthdays, wedding anniversary, etc) and instead of gifts they ask their guests to send a donation to Id-Dar tal-Providenza. Id-Dar tal-Providenza has Thank You Bookmarks which can be given to guests in appreciation of their donation.

If you want to make this noble choice on a special occassion, you can call us on 21462844 or 21464915 or contact us by email on


At Id-Dar tal-Providenza the residents can enjoy from numerous activities which are organised at the home or in the community.

Physiotherapy Services

L-għan tal-fiżjoterapija hu li tgħin il-persuna jerġa’ jikseb il-moviment u l-funzjonijiet tal-ġisem normali f’każ ta’ mard, inċident jew diżabilità. B’mod partikolari, is-servizzi tal-fiżjoterapija fid-Dar tħares lejn is-sitwazzjoni tar-resident partikulari. Barra li jiġu ttrattati l-problemi, il-fiżjoterapista tista’ tissuġġerixxi affarijiet li jistgħu jsiru kuljum biex jiġi mmassimizzat l-abbilità tar-resident li jiċċaqlaq u jikkontrolla l-uġigħ fil-ġogi, il-muskoli u l-għadam. Tgħin ukoll biex jitjieb l-ammont ta’ moviment biex hekk ir-resident ikun aktar b’saħħtu u kuntent.

Il-fiżjoterapisti jevalwaw u jtejbu l-moviment u l-funzjoni tal-ġisem, b’attenzjoni partikulari għall-mobilità fiżika, il-bilanċ, il-mod kif iżżomm lil ġismek, l-għeja u l-ugigħ. Dawn il-professjonisti jassessjaw il-bżonn għal tip ta’ wheelchairs li r-residenti għandhom bżonn.


Stamps Workshop

At this worhshop residents separate used stamp according to various categories which are later be sold to stamp collectors.

Pottery painting and other arts and crafts

Pottery painting and other arts and crafts are extremely theraputic, relaxing and rewarding pastimes for all. At Id-Dar tal-Providenza the residents participate in sessions wher they can develop and share their artistic talents.

Music, Dance and Drama Sessions

Regular music, dance & drama sessions offer the residents exciting, ways to express themselves.


At Id-Dar tal-Providenza the residents can enjoy from numerous activities which are organised at the home or in the community.

Aqua Therapy Centre at Id-Dar tal-Providenza

The new state of the Aqua Therapy Pool built by the Italian firm A-Circle Habilitation Concept based in Bologna Italy is another service offered at Id-Dar tal-Providenza since November 2016.

This service aims at improving the quality of life of our service users and other persons who might need this such therapy.

Some of the benefits of Aqua Therapy are the following:

• Water’s unique properties enhance interventions for clients of all ages, and with varied impairments.
• A warm water environment is comfortable and assists in muscle relaxation, increases range of movement and flexibility.
• Because of water’s buoyancy it allows you to move with less stress on your joints and muscles.

Our service is open also to non residents. Those interested are kindly asked to call Ms Francesca Fonk on 21462844 during office hours or send an email on

Multi Sensory Room

The Multisensory room was inuagurated on Monday 24th June 2013, by H.E. Dr George Abela President of Malta and Mrs Abela and blessed by H.G. Mgr Paul Cremona O.P. Archbishop of Malta. This project was partly financed by the Malta Community Chest.

The rooms are specifically designed environments, which enable people with disabilitiesto enjoy a very wide range of sensory experiences for therapy, learning, relaxation and fun. The concept is to create events which focus on particular senses such as touch, vision, sound, smell and movement. The Multi Sensory Room is another confirmation of the Home’s ongoing commitment to provide quality service to irs residents.

St Isidore’s Agricultural Centre

The St. Isidor Agriculture Centre at Id-Dar tal-Providenza was officially inaugurated on Wednesday May 2009 . The Alfred Mizzi Foundation was the main sponsor of the project and has provided solid financial support for the project to come to its start up.

Residents at the Home grow a variety of herbs in the spacious greenhouse and then pack the produce both for their own kitchens as well as for sale to the general public.

The Agricultural Centre is named after St. Isidore, the patron saint of farmers
For more information kindly contact us on: or telephone: (00356) 21 464 915.

The Sisters of Charity

When Mgr Michael Azzopardi was preparing to open Villa Mgr Gonzi, the first home for persons with disability in Malta he wrote the Superior General of the Sisters of St Joan Antide Thouret in Rome asking her to give her blessing to the Maltese Provincial to open a community of the Congregation at Id-Dar tal-Providenza. The Superior General accepted his petition and on January 12, 1968, a month before the first residents were welcomed at Villa Mgr Gonzi, a small community of the Sisters of St Joan Antide Thouret,known as The Sisters of Charity was established at Id-Dar tal-Providenza. Since than, this community has supported residents with impressive dedication and care.

Who was Joan Antide Thouret? In 1787 Joan Antide Thouret, the daughter of a tanner, joined the congregation of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul. She devoted her life to caring for the sick and the poor, much of it under great adversity and hardship. On the 11th April 1799 she was called to found a school and hospital for her Order – thus the Sisters of Charity came into being. St. Joan Antide Thouret was canonised in 1934 by Pope Pius XI.

A list of the Sisters of Charity who gave their service at Id-Dar tal-Providenza

Sr Aggunta Mallia* 12/01/1968 – 1970
Sr Alexandra Delazzaio 12/01/1968 – 1968
St Agostina Cutajar 12/01/1968 – 1970
Sr Annunziata Cortis* 1970- 1972

1982- 1982

Sr Assunta Camilleri 1970 – 1972
Sr Castagna Caruana 1970 -1970
Sr Pacifica  Micallef 1971 – 1998
Sr Caterina D’Alfonso 1971 -1971
Sr Maria Vittoria Sciberras 1971-1995
Sr Assunta Camilleri 1971-1972

1990 -1992

Sr Cecilia Frendo* 1972 – 1972
Sr Nicolina  Bonello 1972 – 1973

1985 – 1990

Sr Vincenza Briffa 1972 – 1972
Sr Bartolomea Bezzina       1972 1973


Sr Clara Vella 1973-1973
Sr Salvina Bezzina 1973 -1973
Sr Gaetana Pace* 1975 – 1982
Sr Maria Ersilia Mifsud* 1975 – 1977
Sr Maria Concetta Farrugia 1976 – 1977
Sr Maria Anna Camilleri 1977 – 1978

1983 – 2000

      Sr M’Anna Laferla       1979 – 1981
      Sr Gesuina Mangion       1979 –
      Sr Francesca Farrugia       1980 – 1985
      Sr Concetta Attard       1981- 1984
      Sr Madalena Fava*       1982 – 1994
      Sr Fortunata Fava       1982 – 1994
      Sr Josephine Agius       1984 – 1985
      Sr Anna Theresa Pace       1987 – 1990
      Sr Pauline Busuttil       1987 – 1988
      Sr Emma Zammit       1988 – 1991
      Sr Lucia Gauci       1990 -1992
      Sr Monica Darmanin       1992 – 1992
      Sr Tessie Micallef       1993 – 1995
      Sr Theresa Tonna       1993 – 1994
      Sr Maria Antida Mifsud*       1994 – 2006
      Sr Maris Camilleri       1995 -1995
      Sr Louisa Camilleri       1996-1996
      Sr Anselma Tanti       1996- 2010
      Sr Elena Zammit       1996 -1999
      Sr Bernarda  Buhagiar       2000-
      Sr Theresa Maria Piscopo       2001- 2005
      Sr Lorenza Borg*       2006 –

* Mother Superiors