Id-Dar tal-Providenza hosts Cabinet Meeting

Today, Id-Dar tal-Providenza hosted a Cabinet meeting which discussed the voluntary sector with various representatives from different NGOs. Before the Cabinet meeting, the Hon. Prim Minister Dr Robert Abela met the residents and workers of Id-Dar tal-Providenza and could see for himself the services which the home offers.  The Hon. Prim Minister was welcomed by Fr Martin Micallef, the Director of the Home.

During the Cabinet meeting, Fr Martin expressed his appreciation, on behalf of Id-Dar tal-Providenza, that the Government chose the Home’s premises to hold this Cabinet meeting to discuss the voluntary sector.

He said that this reflects the Government’s appreciation for the service the Church in Malta offers especially in the social sector like the work done by Id-Dar tal-Providenza which offers high quality residential services to persons with disability.  The Home also gives the opportunity of volunteering to various persons who offer their time and energy to support this cause.

Fr Martin praised the fact that Malta is enriched with a lot of initiatives which all aim to be of service and improve various sectors of society. He also praised the fact that today the voluntary sector is being considered as a strategic partner in various sectors of the socio-economic development of our country.


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