Residents of Id-Dar tal-Providenza at the “Festa Għeneb” in Siġġiewi

A group of Dar tal-Providenza residents took part in the “Festa Għeneb” organised by the Siġġiewi Local Council in the main square of the village on Sunday, 26th August 2018. They set up a stand where they could exhibit and sell food products that they themselves prepare at the St Isidore Agriculture Centre. Friends of Id-Dar tal-Providenza also set up another stand selling drinks with the profits going towards the Home.

‘Festa Għeneb’ is a cultural activity to foster awareness of grapes and its ties with the village. Siġġiewi is the locality with the largest concentration of vineyards with hundreds of families involved in the processing of grapes.

‘Festa Għeneb’, which is in its seventh year, is held with the collaboration of Id-Dar tal-Providenza and VitiMalta with the participation of various organisations based in Siġġiewi. The activity is in aid of Id-Dar tal-Providenza and the funds raised will be presented on New Year’s Day during the Feast of Generosity that is broadcast live on Malta’s main TV stations.

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