Vision, Mission and Values Statement


Id-Dar tal-Providenza which takes its name and charism from the Gospel is primarily a residential organisation committed to empowering persons with disabilities in a family-like environment which enhances and maximises their abilities with a view to ensuring their full participation in society in accordance to the Gospel and the teaching of the Catholic Church.


1. To provide individualised. long term and respite residential services to persons with disabilities in full respect of their rights and dignity.
2. To promote the holistic personal development and social inclusion of service users, including their autonomy and self-determination.
3. To provide opportunities to employees to develop their skills and to enhance the value of their work.
4. To provided a meaningful experience of volunteering.
5. To collaborate with other organisations active in the field of disability to safeguard the rights of persons with disabilities and of their families.


• The values of Id-Dar tal-Providenza are rooted in the Gospel teachings, We believe that human life is sacred, having equal and unconditional value. We profess an intrinsic respect for all persons regardless of their strengths and abilities.
• We have faith in Divine Providence reflected in an approach that ensures that lack of resources shall not impede our work.
• We believe that the family is the foundation of society and therefore we provide support to the family such that the person with disability is enabled to continue living within one’s family should this be the disabled person’s own wish.
• We strive to develop a community spirit, reflected in an approach that seeks to empower persons with disabilities, to uphold their right to privacy and self-determination, to promote interdependence and to provide the appropriate support for service users.