Other means of sending donations are:

  • by calling the below numbers;
      5160 2011 for a EUR10 donation
    • 5170 2012 for a EUR15 donation
    • 5180 2013 for a EUR25 donation
    • 5190 2070 for a EUR50 donation
    • 5130 2044 for a EUR100 donation
    in cash or cheques at the Siggiewi Home, Lapsi Road, Siġġiewi SGW 2822 (open 24 hours), at its Valletta office in 244, St Paul’s St, Valletta, VLT 1217 (click here for opening hours) or Catholic Book Centre AKM, Pjazza Antoine De Paule, Paola PLA 1261 (click here for opening hours).
  • through money order made in the name of Id-Dar tal-Providenza and sent by post to:Id-Dar tal-Providenza, Lapsi Road, Siġġiewi SĠW 2822
  • by sending an sms for €7 on 5061 8944.

Dar tal-Providenza endeavours to send a receipt to all donations received in cash, by cheque or money order or to other donors who requested it.

In order to do so donors have to send us their personal details (name, surname and address) with their donation or by sending an email to info@dartalprovidenza.org with details of the donation made.

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