Annual Report 2021

Annual Report 2020


‘Shalom’ – Żurrieq located in Triq it-Tin. Was inaugurated on 8th April 2016 by Dr Justyne Caruana, then Parliamentary Secretary for the Rights of Persons with Disability and Active Ageing. In the home there are five residents with intellectual disability.

Dar Pirotta

Dar Pirotta – Birkirkara. Opened by the Archdiocese of Malta in 2007 and fell under the responsibility of Dar tal-Providenza on January 1st, 2014. It is located in Pjazza Santa Liena and hosts nine persons with intellectual disability.

Management Team

The Management Team is in charge of the daily running of the Homes. The present members of the team are as follows.

• Fr Martin Micallef, Director
• Ms Nadine Camilleri Cassano, Administrator
• Ms Remona Cuschieri, Service Co-ordinator
• Fr Trevor Fairclough, Spiritual Director
• Mr Gordon Scicluna, Physiotherapist

Sisters of Charity

A month before Dun Mikiel Azzopardi opened the Dar tal-Providenza doors on the 12th of January 1968 a number of Sisters of Charity of St Joan Antide de Thouret started living as a communitry in the same Home to help the founder with his new work. They were the first support workers of the Home with a helping hand from volunteers and later on from workers who were specifically taken on board.

The first three residents entered the Home on February 11th 1968. The were all hosted at Villa Monsinjur Gonzi which had just been refurbished.

Ever since then, the Sisters of Charity offered their professional services with a lot of love, dedication and generosity. On January 1st 2020, Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna officially announced that the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity in Malta decided against its wishes that due to age this year the Sisters will terminate their work at Dar tal-Providenza. The official last day was July 15th 2020.

The presence of this religious community was a gift to residents, workers and volunteers of the Home. They were always there for everyone 24 hours a day. Most of them gave their services for a long time. In fact, Sr Gesuina Mangion has been serving at the Home for these last 41 years, Sr Lorenza Borg for the last 13 years whilst Sr Bernarda Buhagiar and Sr Bertha Bezzina were both here for 20 full years.

Fr Martin Micallef, Director of the Home, commented that he was sure that their immense sense of service will remain a guiding light to all of us working in this Home.
He thanked all the Sisters that worked in the Home during the years but not least Sr Lorenza Borg, Sr Bernarda Buhagiar and Sr Gesuina Mangion who are going to be sorely missed. He also wished them well in their new tasks within their new communities.


Sr Aggunta Mallia*

12/01/1968 – 1970

Sr Alexandra Delazzaio

12/01/1968 – 1968

Sr  Agostina Cutajar

12/01/1968 – 1970

Sr Annunziata Cortis*

1970- 1972

1982- 1982

Sr Assunta Camilleri

1970 – 1972

Sr Castagna Caruana

1970 -1970

Sr Pacifica  Micallef

1971 – 1998

Sr Caterina D’Alfonso

1971 -1971

Sr Maria Vittoria Sciberras


Sr Assunta Camilleri


1990 -1992

Sr Cecilia Frendo*

1972 – 1972

Sr Nicolina  Bonello

1972 – 1973

1985 – 1990

Sr Vincenza Briffa

1972 – 1972

Sr Bartolomea Bezzina

      1972 1973

      1992- 2020

Sr Clara Vella


Sr Salvina Bezzina

1973 -1973

Sr Gaetana Pace*

1975 – 1982

Sr Maria Ersilia Mifsud*

1975 – 1977

Sr Maria Concetta Farrugia

1976 – 1977

Sr Maria Anna Camilleri

1977 – 1978

1983 – 2000

      Sr M’Anna Laferla

      1979 – 1981

      Sr Gesuina Mangion

      1979 – 2020

      Sr Francesca Farrugia

      1980 – 1985

      Sr Concetta Attard

      1981- 1984

      Sr Madalena Fava*

      1982 – 1994

      Sr Fortunata Fava

      1982 – 1994

      Sr Josephine Agius

      1984 – 1985

      Sr Anna Theresa Pace

      1987 – 1990

      Sr Pauline Busuttil

      1987 – 1988

      Sr Emma Zammit

      1988 – 1991

      Sr Lucia Gauci

      1990 -1992

      Sr Monica Darmanin

      1992 – 1992

      Sr Tessie Micallef

      1993 – 1995

      Sr Theresa Tonna

      1993 – 1994

      Sr Maria Antida Mifsud*

      1994 – 2006

      Sr Maris Camilleri

      1995 -1995

      Sr Louisa Camilleri


      Sr Anselma Tanti

      1996- 2010

      Sr Elena Zammit

      1996 -1999

      Sr Bernarda  Buhagiar

      2000- 2020

      Sr Theresa Maria Piscopo

      2001- 2005

      Sr Lorenza Borg*

      2006 – 2020

* Mother Superiors