Evolve by RS Group donate food to Dar tal-Providenza

Today a variety of party food items were delivered to Dar tal-Providenza. The items were part of a 10 years’ anniversary celebration that was being organised by Evolve RS Group for its staff. However, following the spike in local cases of positive results for Covid 19, the company felt it was not the right moment to be celebrating, and decided not to put anyone at risk by cancelling the event. For this reason, Evolve by RS Group decided to donate the food to Dar tal-Providenza, who rely mainly on donations for their day to day running of the centre.

This is not the first time that Evolve by RS Group have donated to various causes, including educational books to various educational institutes for children with special needs, paint products and gypsum material, as well as other finishing products, where houses or centres for people with special needs were being built, and monetary donations to different causes on a yearly basis.

Whilst at Dar tal-Providenza, the Directors of Evolve by RS Group, as well as staff members of the company who were present distributing the food, Nadine Camilleri Cassano of Dar tal-Providenza gave them a tour of the premises and of the kitchen where over 100 meals are cooked twice a day for the residents and the staff members. Dar tal-Providenza relies heavily on funding from charity and donations. Those interested in helping fund this charity, especially during such delicate times, can also do so through the website www.sabihlitaghti.org.

Evolve by RS group is a company that specialises in the importation and installation of finishing material for home and industrial projects. www.evolve.com.mt

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