John Paris, Volunteer at Dar tal-Providenza – An appreciation

Dar tal-Providenza wishes to express its gratitude and appreciation to the legacy left behind by Mr John Paris, one of its volunteers, who on Monday 24th August 2020 went to join his Lord and Master in heaven.

John, together with his wife Ġemma, has been doing voluntary work at Dar tal-Providenza since 2012. They never missed their appointment twice, sometimes three times a week.
John spent his time doing voluntary work with the maintenance section of the Home. As soon as someone asked for help on some repair job you would see John coming with his tool box and a smile on his face to see what needed to be done.

Whenever there was a huge activity or a residents’ outing, John and his wife Ġemma would always be there to give a helping hand. On their own initiative during the past few years, they started organising on a regular basis a day’s outing for residents to the site the Boy Scouts have in Rinella Bay.

When talking to John you would immediately see how close to his heart Dar tal-Providenza was and how willingly and and so much generosity he used to do his voluntary work without any funfares. For John Dar tal-Providenza was his second family.

Last year, John and his wife Ġemma were nominated for the Active Ageing Award.

Details of his funeral will be annouced later.

Thank you, John.

May you rest in peace.

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