Two Dar tal-Providenza residents go paragliding

Christine Borg and Tonio Mercieca finally got their wish and ventured into paragliding aftar last year’s attempt to fly high over the seas of Golden Bay in Għajn Tuffieħa had to be abandoned because of strong winds. At around ten o’clock of Saturday, 21 July 2018, Christine and Tonio were at the Amazonia Complex of the Dolmen Hotel in front of the Oracle Casino to start their preparations for their adventure which were slightly complicated by the winds. But nothing would stop our two residents, both wheelchair users, from realising their dream to get hitched to a parachute and paraglide over the blue but slightly choppy seas of Qawra.

Right after her experience, Christine said “she was very happy because up there you feel free from everything, no wheelchair and no strapping. It was a wonderful experience and given the opportunity, I will do it again.”

On his part, Tonio said that the experience of feeling cut off from the ground was astounding. “Instead of looking around and saying I wish to do it, I now succeeded in doing it and for me it’s a boost for my life and my future. With the deserved support, everything is possible.”

Christine and Tonio would like to thank all those who made their dream come true, especially their support worker Anna Marshall and Andrew Micallef of Sun & Fun Watersports.

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