Id-Dar tal-Providenza celebrates the life of Cardinal Prospero Grech OSA

Id-Dar tal-Providenza commemorated the memory of Cardinal Prospero Grech, a month from his death with a Mass in the chapel of the Home in Siġġiewi that was attended by his relatives together with the residents. The Mass was concelebrated by Fr Martin Micallef, Director of Id-Dar tal-Providenza and Fr Lino Cardona SJ.

Archbishop Alfred Xuereb, Apostolic Nuncio for Korea and Mongolia and a close associate of the Cardinal whilst at the Vatican, was asked to send a short eulogy to be read during the Mass. This is what Mgr. Xuereb said: “This provides me with a good occasion so that, nothwithstanding the distance between us, I join with you spiritually to offer prayers of sacrifice for his soul and at the same time to give a last farewell to a special person that honouored the Church of Christ and our country.”

“I will treasure forever my knowing him as a joyful religious priest, who chose to leave everything behind and follow Christ. His refined humour was a clear evidence of his unity with God and his faithful adherance to the promises he made when he joined the Augustinian Order.”

“Thousands of students benefitted from his teaching together with those who studied his writings full of wisdom that he published duing his academic office. His religious friends, with whom he lived in their community in Rome, also benefitted from his wise advice and gentle manner. The parishioners of St. Anne’s also benfitted from his beautiful meditations that he used to offer during Lent. The Holy See greatly benefitted from his valid collaboration as consultant to the Congregation of Faith. Other beneficiaries were the Augustinian Institute and the Pontifical Biblical Commission of which he was an active member. The College of Cardinals, of which he was part of when Pope Benedict XVI appointed him Cardinal in February 2012 and particularly when he was asked to offer the meditation on the opening of the last conclave in March 2013, also was a beneficary. And the last but not least who benefitted from Cardinal Prospero Grech were all those who had the good fortune to get to know him and who will continue to foster his presence.”

“When the Lord called hin to give him the merited prize, we were deeply saddened because we lost a friend who had enriched us with his great qualities. I kind of see him looking down from heaven on the people of Malta and Gozo and exhorting all of us to take courage because now we can also benefit from his intercessions to God so that we keep strong in our faith and remain a nation united in brotherly love.”

Cardinal Prospero Grech died on 30th December, soon after he celebrated his 94th birthday on Christmas Eve. Like his mother Amelia and his father Vincent, both benefactors of the Home, he was also a benefactor and friend of Id-Dar tal-Providenza. He had paid two visits since he had become Cardinal.

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