Melita Foundation sponsors drip irrigation system for Id-Dar tal-Providenza’s olive grove

The Melita Foundation has committed to funding the drip irrigation system for the olive grove located at Id‑Dar tal‑Providenza’s garden. Id‑Dar tal‑Providenza provides residential services to persons with disabilities in a family‑like environment.

The grove, which was created through donations from various benefactors, is one of the most popular areas among residents at the property in Siġġiewi. Moreover, the olives produced by the olive trees are grinded and the produce is sold by the residents during folkloristic activities which are organised throughout the year in various localities in Malta.

Fr Martin Micallef, Director at Id‑Dar tal‑Providenza, said, “Our commitment has always been to promote the holistic personal development of all our residents, essential to which is spending time in nature. The space and tranquillity provided by our olive grove as well as the work they can do in it provides immeasurable benefits. It is great to know that thanks to The Melita Foundation, we no longer need to worry about the manual daily watering of more than 300 olive trees.”

Tanya Sammut‑Bonnici, Chairperson of The Melita Foundation, said, “For more than 50 years, Id‑Dar tal‑Providenza has provided outstanding support for people with disabilities. It has done this, thanks also to the support and generosity of thousands of Maltese which provides the organisation with the significant human and financial resources it needs to operate. Both Melita and The Melita Foundation have supported Id‑Dar tal‑Providenza’s work over the years and this latest support will help ensure residents continue to enjoy the peace, the beauty and other benefits which the olive grove offers.”

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