“Street Music” at id-Dar tal-Providenza

The Ability Promoters at Id-Dar tal-Providenza are a group of workers whose main task is to promote the well-being of the residents through integrated living, healthy choices and self-responsibility. They organise daily activities for residents including sports, workshops in arts and music, education and technology and leisure activities amongst others.
Due to the present circumstances, this year this group had to rethink their schedule of activities as some planned activities, especially those outside the home, had to be cancelled because of possible health risks for the residents. The residents at the moment cannot attend Day Centres and cannot go out and so the Ability Team came up with alternate ideas for activities to make up for this.
One of the new activities is the “Street music” which is being organised twice a week. The music team entertains the residents from the different courtyards nearer to the residents, while still keeping social distancing. The rest of the residents come out to enjoy the show from the balconies overlooking the courtyard. The residents especially those who really love music look forward to this event.
Just after the concert was over, one of the residents said “I know most of the songs being sung and I enjoy singing with them. I also hung the Maltese flag from our balcony.”

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