The Malta Institute of Accountants supports Dar Tal-Providenza

A total of €4,000 have been presented by the Malta Institute of Accountants to Dar Tal-Providenza. The donation included also donations by the Institute’s members during the past month and those collected during the Annual Social Event organised by the Institute.

Mr William Spiteri Bailey, the President of The Malta Institute of Accountants said that the Institute believes that its role in society is multiple. “We have a number of functions to fulfil and with those functions comes our role of being close to the community and engage in projects inspired by the notion of the common good. This year, the Institute chose to support a noble cause which is being advocated by Advocacy for Legacy for Dar Tal-Providenza.”

Fr. Martin Micallef, Director of Dar Tal-Providenza thanked the MIA for the signifcant donation. He added that he welcomes the fact that the MIA subscribes to the notions of empowering individuals, supporting them to live their life in dignity and the creation of the right environment for everyone, so that they can maximise their potential and ability. He thanked the Institute members for taking the initiative and supporting the cause.

Mr Jesmond Saliba, Founder of A4L (Advocacy for Legacy), thanked the Malta Institute of Accountants for support the initiative. Inspired by the precepts of social justice, solidarity, social inclusion and respect for human dignity, Advocacy for Legacy is committed to advancing the life chances and opportunities for all in Maltese society with specific emphasis on empowering those most vulnerable to social exclusion to realise their aspirations and full potential.

Caption The President of the Malta Institute of Accountants (MIA) William Spiteri Bailey presents a donation of €4,000 to Fr Martin Micallef, Director of Dar tal-Providenza. The photo also features Ms Maria Cauchi Delia CEO MIA, Ms Analise Sammut, Events and Relationship Coordinator MIA, Ms Nadine Camilleri Cassano Administrator Dar Tal-Providenza and Jesmond Saliba Founder of Advocacy for Legacy

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