emCare supports Id-Dar tal-Providenza with care solutions

emCare has provided Id-Dar tal-Providenza with care solutions for one of its community homes in Qawra, Akkwarell. Similar to the rest of emCare’s multifarious health and care solutions, the devices are aimed at putting the residents’ minds at rest, accident prevention, as well as maintaining their independence within the home.

Akkwarell hosts three persons with physical disabilities who live there with the necessary support, which has now been extended to include the emCare Hub and SOS buttons for the residents. Thanks to these devices, the residents of Akkwarell can now call for immediate help by simply pressing one button. The SOS devices can be worn on the wrist or as a pendant, making them easily accessible in case of emergencies.

Christine Borg, one of the residents of Akkwarell, explained how the SOS button recently helped save her life, when she pressed it to call over the carer at the community home, before losing consciousness. The resident was immediately taken to the hospital where she was given the appropriate medical care.

Speaking about the company’s support towards Id-Dar tal-Providenza which is celebrating its 50th anniversary, Roland Cachia, General Manager at emCare, said “We are delighted to be commemorating Id-Dar tal-Providenza’s anniversary by giving our support through our care solutions. Id-Dar tal-Providenza has been doing an excellent job at helping the Maltese community and we share its vision to help people feel in charge of their own lives. Our efforts, dedication and beliefs are focused towards the improvement of people’s lives by ensuring that their independence is safeguarded, while still being able to feel that they are not alone in a way that respects their dignity.”

“Moreover, our services are beneficial not only to people who require additional care, but to all individuals as we are all in some way or another vulnerable in our daily lives. emCare not only offers immediate aid but also helps put individuals’ minds at ease by letting them know that they are never alone,” Roland Cachia added.

Father Martin Micallef, Director of Id-Dar ta-Providenza thanked emCare for the company’s support in the management of Akkwarell and in helping its residents to lead more independent lives.

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