25c scheme – A Social Responsibility Initiative

For nearly fifty 40 years Id-Dar tal-Providenza has been providing permanent residence and respite care at its five Homes in Siggiewi and Qawra for persons with disabilities. Giving such a service entails a considerable expense – currently running about EUR10,000 per day.

Over the years Dar tal-Providenza has managed to make ends meet thanks to Divine Providence and to the many friends and benefactors, both in Malta and abroad.

One way of raising funds is to encourage employees to make a pledge and start donating 25 Euro cents (€0.25) per week from their wages. This small amount will be deducted from their payroll and passed on to the Dar tal-Providenza bank account. From past experiences this initiative entails very little administrative work and we are sure that the majority of employees will find no objection in approving it.

Hence we are asking for your support to become part of this Scheme and encourage all employees to participate.

Employers can get more information, if necessary from Mr Louis Schembri, the coordinator of the scheme at lschembri@dar-tal-providenza.org or lschembri@gmail.com or on 9988 0920.

Employees who would like to join this scheme should contact their HR manager. If their work place is not yet part of this scheme they shoud encourage their employer to do so.