Applikazzjoni għar-Residenza

Aħna nemmnu li post il-persuni b’diżabilità hu fi ħdan il-familja, jekk din tkun ix-xewqa tiegħu jew tagħha. Il-biċċa l-kbira tal-persuni b’diżabilità jsibu li d-dar tagħhom, imdawrin mal-maħbubin tagħhom, il-post l-aktar naturali u ideali għall-iżvilupp tagħhom. Imma xi kultant, minħabba raġunijiet partikulari fil-ħajja tal-persuna b’diżabilità jkun hemm bżonn li tinstab residenza permanenti f’xi dar residenzjali.

Għal din ir-raġuni, id-Dar tal-Providenza toffri residenza lill-persuni b’diżabilità (il-maġġoranza tagħhom li għandhom diżabilità intellettwali u diżabilitatjiet oħra) li jsibu ruħhom f’sitwazzjonijiet bħal dawn.

Persuni li għandhom bżonn dan is-servizz jistgħu japplikaw fuq applikazzjoni apposta li tista’ tinkiseb mid-Dar jew titniżżel mill-link t’hawn isfel u tintbagħat lill-Ko-ordinatriċi tas-Servizzi, Id-Dar tal-Providenza, Triq Lapsi, Siġġiewi SGW 2822.

Għal aktar informazzjoni jekk jogħġbok ikkuntattjana fuq:  jew ċemplilna fuq: (00356) 21 462 844.

Dar tal-Providenza – Application form


At Id-Dar tal-Providenza the residents can enjoy from numerous activities which are organised at the home or in the community.

Servizzi ta’ Fiżjoterapija

L-għan tal-fiżjoterapija hu li tgħin il-persuna jerġa’ jikseb il-moviment u l-funzjonijiet tal-ġisem normali f’każ ta’ mard, inċident jew diżabilità. B’mod partikolari, is-servizzi tal-fiżjoterapija fid-Dar tħares lejn is-sitwazzjoni tar-resident partikulari. Barra li jiġu ttrattati l-problemi, il-fiżjoterapista tista’ tissuġġerixxi affarijiet li jistgħu jsiru kuljum biex jiġi mmassimizzat l-abbilità tar-resident li jiċċaqlaq u jikkontrolla l-uġigħ fil-ġogi, il-muskoli u l-għadam. Tgħin ukoll biex jitjieb l-ammont ta’ moviment biex hekk ir-resident ikun aktar b’saħħtu u kuntent.

Il-fiżjoterapisti jevalwaw u jtejbu l-moviment u l-funzjoni tal-ġisem, b’attenzjoni partikulari għall-mobilità fiżika, il-bilanċ, il-mod kif iżżomm lil ġismek, l-għeja u l-ugigħ. Dawn il-professjonisti jassessjaw il-bżonn għal tip ta’ wheelchairs li r-residenti għandhom bżonn.

Multi Sensory Room

The Multisensory room was inuagurated on Monday 24th June 2013, by H.E. Dr George Abela President of Malta and Mrs Abela and blessed by H.G. Mgr Paul Cremona O.P. Archbishop of Malta. This project was partly financed by the Malta Community Chest.

The rooms are specifically designed environments, which enable people with disabilitiesto enjoy a very wide range of sensory experiences for therapy, learning, relaxation and fun. The concept is to create events which focus on particular senses such as touch, vision, sound, smell and movement. The Multi Sensory Room is another confirmation of the Home’s ongoing commitment to provide quality service to irs residents.

Respite Services

We believe that the place of persons with disabilitiesis within the family, if it is their wish. However many of these families need support in order to continue providing such services to their disabled member. One such service is a temporary stay for the disabled person in a residence in order for the family to have a ‘respite’ or for the main support giver to be able to undergo certain activities such as hospitalization. Id-Dar tal-Providenza provides such a service.

Persons needing this service can apply ask the Dar for or download the relevant application form and send it to: : The Services Coordinator, Id-Dar tal-Providenza, Lapsi Road, Siġġiewi SGW 2822.

For more information kindly contact us on: or telephone: (00356) 21 464 915.


Application for Residence

We believe that the place of persons with disability is within the family, if it is their wish. Most disabled people find that their home, surrounded by loved ones, is the most natural and condusive to his or her development. But sometimes particular circumstances in the life of a person with disability may necessitate a permanent residence in a home.

For this reason Id-Dar tal-Providenza offers residence to persons with disabilities (mostly persons with intellectual disabilities and other disabilities who find themselves in such situations.

For more information kindly contact us on: or telephone: (00356) 21 464 915.



The ICT Lab which was financially supported by Vodafone Malta Foundation aims to give the residents every possibility to take up the opportunities offered by the use of IT to enhance their education, the knowledge of the world around them, inclusion, friendships and be in touch with opportunities for work.

This lab is equipped with assistive technology including touch screens, keyboards and specially designed mice, and software designed to facilitate the use by persons with different intellectual and physical disabilities.

The lab, was set up under the professional advice of Marica Gatt from the Education Division and Stanley Debono from the Foundation for Information Technology Accessibility (FITA).

In line with this project, Id-Dar tal-Providenza extended this project to the residents individual rooms. The Ministry for Infrastructure, Transport and Communication has helped the home to extend this project so that residents may have IT axcess in their rooms.

St Isidore’s Agricultural Centre

The St. Isidor Agriculture Centre at Id-Dar tal-Providenza was officially inaugurated on Wednesday May 2009 . The Alfred Mizzi Foundation was the main sponsor of the project and has provided solid financial support for the project to come to its start up.

Residents at the Home grow a variety of herbs in the spacious greenhouse and then pack the produce both for their own kitchens as well as for sale to the general public.

The Agricultural Centre is named after St. Isidore, the patron saint of farmers
For more information kindly contact us on: or telephone: (00356) 21 464 915.


In today’s world we are very much aware that people with learning disabilities, as baptized members of our Church, have spiritual rights and spiritual needs. How to respond to these needs has been something, we at id-Dar tal-Providenza, have tried to address consistently over the years.

In 2004 Dar tal-Providenza started to use the method called SPRED – Special Religious Development, which has been used successfully in many areas of the world. In SPRED each person with a learning disability has a sponsor and belongs to a small community of (usually) 14 people. To enable growth in a sense of the sacred, the environment where people meet is very carefully prepared. A room that offers a warm welcome with few distractions helps people settle and become readied for a more explicit sacred experience. After about 45 minutes, the group gathers round God’s Word in another room which is like an oratory and are guided, by the Leader Catechist, through meaningful catechesis. What is very real for our residents are the ordinary everyday events of life – eating, drinking, laughing with friends, waiting for someone to arrive, visiting. It is these ordinary events that are re-membered at a SPRED session, skillfully evoked by the Leader Catechist. From the human, we move to the Divine for God reveals Himself in the ordinary. Every session ends with the sharing of food round a table that everyone helps to prepare. The whole experience lasts two hours.

The group of catechists meet the following week to review the last session and to prepare, through prayer, for the next gathering.

Since catechesis and Liturgy are intrinsically linked, the celebrations of Mass in the Chapel at id-Dar tal-Providenza take on more profound depths. The quiet and prayerfulness experienced at a SPRED session are brought to the Liturgy: the liturgical experiences of the Mass are evoked and deepened at the SPRED session. Through this balance of catechesis and liturgy, all are nurtured to enter more deeply into the mystery of God “doing something beautiful for us and among us.”

In SPRED the helpers grow in faith. The friends grow in faith. Together, as companions, they journey, sharing faith.

If you are interested in sharing your faith and friendship with persons with learning disabilities contact SPRED on Email: