Fr Trevor Fairclough and Mr George Harrington attend international meeting of SPRED in Northern Ireland.

Fr Trevor Fairclough and Mr George Harrington recently attended an international meeting of SPRED (SPecial REligious Development) in Northern Ireland. Fr Fairclough and Mr Harrington are coordinators of SPRED at Id-Dar tal-Providenza in Siġġiewi.

The meeting was attended by Diocesan leaders of SPRED, who accompany persons with intellectual disability, to reflect on their experiences in order to renew their spiritual commitment to this mission after listening to each other. The fifty persons that attended came from all over the world: the United States of America, Australia, Mexico, South Africa and Europe. They all met together as equals to find ways and means to help each other to give a better quality service to persons with intellectual disability.

During this meeting, the delegates focussed on the elements of Water, Fire, Air and Earth. These basic elements are intrinsic to nature as we know it and are also used in all SPRED meetings with friends who are intellectually disabled.

This international meeting that is held every three years provides participants with continuous support as well as an opportunity to share experiences.