Prime Minister Joseph Muscat and Ms Muscat visit Id-Dar tal-Providenza on the occasion of it’s 50th anniversary.

Had id-Dar tal-Providenza not existed, we would have had to create it. The Prime Minister of Malta, Dr. Joseph Muscat, said this while visiting id-Dar Tal-Providenza on the 50th Anniversary since its foundation.

Dr. Muscat said that it is important that on this anniversary, we look forward about the importance of this institution in our country.

Fr. Martin Micallef, the Director of id-Dar Tal-Providenza thanked the Prime Minister for his visit which is a recognition and apprecitation of the importance this Home has for the Maltese Government.

During his visit the Prime Minister, who was accompanied by Mrs Muscat, had the opportunity to meet the residents and workers of the Home.