Sean Cini’s Design of new logo for id-Dar tal-Providenza

Sean Cini’s design for a new logo for Id-Dar tal-Providenza had been chosen and announced by Fr Martin Micallef, Director of the Home during a Press.

Fr Martin said that the logo was designed on the most important factors: Evangelical Love, Support and Self-Determination.


The Evangelical Love that encourages us to respect and esteem persons with disabilities as equals. This has to be reflected in the way the Home is committed to empowering persons with disabilities who live in the Homes to develop and maximize their abilities so that they can participate fully in society.

The Support – The comprehensive support that the Home provides to persons with disabilities that are residents or those that use its services from time to time as well as to their families with full respect of their rights and dignity.

Self-Determination of the person – Id-Dar tal-Providenza promotes the personal, holistic development and social inclusion of the persons that use its services, including their autonomy and to enable them to determine their own life themselves.

These three different elements create a holistic representation of id-Dar tal-Providenza’s identity.

The design shows two flower-petals based on two figures who, with open arms, are ready to welcome and give love and support. Today, we focus on the person before the disability and that is why the Home offers individualized services.

Colours also play an important part in this logo. They are different but they complement each other perfectly, representing the strength found in human diversity. The organisation’s name is set on one line in bold font to identify it clearly. A tag line is placed at the bottom of the name in lighter font and colour.

Fr Martin also made a reference to the old logo saying that it depicted a flower with a broken twig with a hand that avoids it from falling off.

Seen today, this logo reflects in a non-positive way how society used to look at persons with disability fifty years ago. It also reflected the medical model of disability that was prevalent then where society looked at disability as a weakness. (that’s why the broken twig).

“Today”, Fr Martin said, “we talk of a social model of disability that instead of looking at disability as a weakness, it looks at it as a difference. We are mindful that we have no right whatsoever to dominate with our decisions the life of a person with disability. Persons with disabilities have every right to say what they feel and think that is best for them and their wishes have to be respected. That is why today we look at the ability of the person rather than the disability. Today we stress that the quality of life of persons with disabilities can only improve if the attitude of society changes and not if the individual changes himself.”

26-year old Sean Cini, who hails from Fgura, works as Graphic Designer within the Marketing Department of MaltaPost.

Last September, Id-Dar tal-Providenza issued a public call for a new logo for the Home that reflects its Vision. Mission and Values. For 2015, the Home is preparing a programme of activities to commemorate the 50th anniversary of its founding.

By the deadline of Movember 30th 2013, forty-eight submissions were received and the Board of Directors of the Home nominated a small group of people to sift through the submissions and suggest a winner. After going through their shortlist, the Board chose the design by Sean Cini as the new logo for Id-Dar tal-Providenza. Later this year all the participants in this call for a new logo will be presented with a Certificate of Participation and Mr Cini will be presented with a specially designed trophy.

SEAN CINI – Graphic Designer & Visual Artist

Sean Cini photo

Sean Cini is an emerging artist with a fresh and bright talent in Visual Arts and Graphic Design. Sean specializes in semi-abstract and expressionistic art. His creations which are developed on a variety of media, portray various emotions and expressions particularly of different movements of the human body.

Sean was born in 1988 and his love for art emerged when he was just a young boy. He later received his training at the MCAST COLLEGE OF ART AND DESIGN. Together with this training, like most artists Sean is self-taught and draws his inspiration through various experiences in life. Over the years he has experimented with different styles, software and media. His art evokes different emotions through his use of textures that bring his art to life. This is particularly prominent in his semi-abstract paintings and sculptures in stone.

Sean Cini’s first solo exhibition was held in 2007 at the Gallarija Libertà within the General Workers Union premises in Valletta which was welcomed positively by the visiting public. He is currently developing different pieces of art which he plans to exhibit in the future. His works which also include the development of marketing and branding material can be viewed on

Sean currently works as Graphic Designer within the Marketing Department of MaltaPost.