“The Mission of id-Dar tal-Providenza is incredible and is much needed for Malta” – Dr. Joseph Muscat

The Prime Minister appeals for solidarity with id-Dar tal-Providenza

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat made an appeal to all Maltese to keep showing their solidarity with id-Dar Tal-Providenza, so that this residence for the disabled will continue in delivering its incredible mission, which is crucial and essential for Malta.

The Prime Minister made this appeal when earlier today he visited the 6th edition of the Volleyball Marathon in aid of id-Dar tal-Providenza.

Dr. Muscat met the volunteers and players who are taking part in this 53 hour marathon which has the aim of collecting the much needed funds for this residence.

During his visit the Prime Minister also met some of the 105 residents who live in the Siggiewi home, and in the other homes in the community the Dar tal-Providenza administers around Malta.

Fr. Martin Micallef, Director of the Dar tal-Providenza, thanked the Prime Minister for his support. He appealed for the generosity of the Maltese, so that it keeps serving its mission.

He also invited the Maltese to join this Marathon and visit the Dar tal-Providenza. Some of Malta’s best talent will be taking part during tonight’s show. The car park of the residence has been transformed in a recreational zone for all the family, with a number of food stalls, a kids area and also a big screen, where one can watch the World Cup games.

Donations can be done either personally at id-Dar tal-Providenza or by using the following numbers:

5160 2011 – €10

5170 2012 – €15

5180 2013 – €25

SMS – 5061 8944 – €6.99

BOV Mobile Pay – 79324834